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Zero Tolerance Policy

As it is the continuing responsibility and charge of the Howell Southern Little League program to provide the best environment possible for our participants, the Board has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy will be strictly enforced. This policy is intended to eliminate all aspects of negative behavior in order to foster a positive environment through good sportsmanship that will serve as an example for our children to follow. Therefore, the Howell Township Southern Little League Board of Directors states that the following examples of behavior will not be tolerated:

  • Abusive language

  • Poor sportsmanship

  • Intimidation of umpires/players/coaches/board members/workers/volunteers (HSLL Official Membership) either physically or verbally

  • All other acts deemed inconsistent with the objectives of the league

This policy applies to managers, coaches, players, umpires, board members, snack stand and field maintenance workers, parents, grandparents, siblings of players, and all others who visit our complex.

This policy also applies to practices and games involving participants of our program that take place outside of our facility. Failure to abide by this policy may result in an immediate suspension from the program.

Following a zero-tolerance infraction, violator(s) and witnesses will be asked to appear before the Zero Tolerance Committee for an in-depth hearing to discuss the incident in detail. Based on the testimony of all involved parties, the Zero Tolerance Committee will make a recommendation to the full Board regarding reinstatement, term of suspension or permanent expulsion for the offender. The Board of Directors will notify the violator of its decision in writing. All resolved outcomes will be considered final.


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